Friday, March 21, 2014

Oracle Traffic Directory Installation and Configuration


This post covers the process of installation and configuration of Oracle Traffic Directory

About OTD:

Oracle Traffic Director is a fast, reliable, and scalable layer-7 software load balance. You can set up Oracle Traffic Director to serve as the reliable entry point for all HTTP, HTTPS and TCP traffic to application servers and web servers in the back end. Oracle Traffic Director distributes the requests that it receives from clients to servers in the back end based on the specified load-balancing method, routes the requests based on specified rules, caches frequently accessed data, prioritizes traffic, and controls the quality of service.


  • Download the Oracle Traffic Directory From Oracle Download
  • Copy the Binary to the Linux server and extract it.
  • Navigate to Binaries folder <OTD_Binary_Folder>/Disk1/
  • Execute the below command. 
    • ./runInstaller -jreLoc /<JAVA_HOME>/jre

  • Click Next to start Installation.

  • Select the Skip Software Updates and click Next.

  • Click Next.

  • Select the Directory location for Installation and  Click Next
  • Next Check the Installation Summary and click on Install.

  • This Screen Shows Installation Progress.

  • After Successful installation Click on Next. 

  • Verify the Installation Complete page shows the location of OTD installed. Click Finish

  • After Successful Installation of OTD next is Configure Admin Server. Execute the Below command to Configure Admin Server
    • Navigate to the <OTD_HOME>/bin
    • Execute ./tadm configure-server --user=<username> -- instance-home=<Location for Admin Server>
    • Please refer the below screen shot for example.

  • Enter the Admin User Password and press Enter.

  • Confirm Password and Press Enter.

  • Below screen shows the Successful configuration message of Admin Server 

  • Follow the below process to start the Admin Server.
    • Navigate to the <Admin_Instance_Home>/bin
    • Execute ./startserv
    • Then check for the message saying admin server started successfully. 

  • Open the Browser and try to access the below URL
    • https://<HostName>:8989
    • Check the below log in page.
    • Provide the Credentials which provided in Admin Server Configuration.  

  • Click on Create an Oracle Traffic Directory Configuration.

  • Provide the name and Server User and select the Server type as shown in the below screen. Click Next.

  • Select the port, IP address and Server Name in Listener Information Page. Click Next

  • In Server Pool Information Page add the list server to work for load balancing. Click Next

  • Select the Admin Server to Deploy the Configuration. Click Next

  • Verify the Configuration and click on Create Configuration.

  • Verify the successful configuration message and click close. 

  • Click on the Instances in left panel top corner. It will display the newly created Configuration. Click on start button to start the configuration.
  • Now try to access the application with new listener and port.
-- Kiran Pokuri  

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