Saturday, March 22, 2014

Enable Access Portal Service in Oracle Access Manager(OAM) 11GR2 PS2

Description: This post covers the process of enabling the Access Portal Service in Oracle Access Manager 11GR2PS2.

  • Extract the downloaded file and copy the files "US_export_policy.jar" and "local_policy.jar" to the below location
    • /<JAVA_HOME>/jre/lib/security/

  • Restart the Weblogic Admin server and OAM Managed server.
  • Login to the OAM Admin console http://<host>:<port>/oamconsole
    • Verify the access portal section which is in disable mode.

  •  Scroll down the page and look for the available services in Configuration section and click on that.

  •  In available services page look for the Access portal service page which is in disable mode then click on enable to enable the service.

  •  After the service successfully enabled the screen looks like below. 

  •  Click on Launch pad and verify the Access Portal Service is Enabled. 

-- Kiran Pokuri

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