Monday, August 19, 2019

Microsoft Groups

Following some research over the types of groups being offered by Microsoft. 

I realized that I didn't come across a feature comparison among all Microsoft groups. So I said myself why not create one :-) and share it.

Siva Pokuri.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Azure AD Webhooks (Azure Notifications)

Webhooks playing a much important role in today's event-driven communication between the server and a client, especially broadcasting changes from server to clients involving any changes. In a way, webhooks works reverse than the usual client sends a request to a server/service.

Lately, most of the cloud service providers have this feature in their cloud offerings. I got a chance to check out and try Microsoft Azure AD webhooks/notifications. It comes handy especially when there is a requirement to monitor activities and notify concern parties for action. For example, user & group management actions "create/update/delete" from Azure AD and gets notified to a pre-configured HTTPS notification URL.

Azure AD has the option to subscribe to "notifications" to quiet a list of services.

Here is the link for the list of supported resources.

A Sample application to subscribe to Azure AD Graph API "/users" endpoint, notification and receive the notification to configured notification URL. I tested and it served my requirement.

Microsoft sample used ngrok (a web reverse proxy available for free) to configure the HTTP(S) URL to test from the local environment. But, Azure AD functions can be used to get & read the notifications and act on the notification messages.

Quick demo video --

For more details check below links from Microsoft. Pretty straight forward to configure and test quickly.


Siva Pokuri