Sunday, September 27, 2015

TIPS: To turn off location prompt in OAAM Server login page

OAAM Location tracker screenshot:

Change below property value from "true" to "false" in OAAM Admin Console to stop that Location tracker prompt:


-- Siva Pokuri.

Friday, September 25, 2015

How to integrate OBIEE with OAM

OBIEE Integration with Oracle Access Manager


Quick Demo is HERE


1. Install and Configure Oracle Access Manager. Steps here
2. Install and configure OBIEE. Steps here.
3. Install and configure LDAP. Steps here
4. Install Webserver/Webgate and register webgate with Oracle Access Manager. 

Integration Steps:

1. Configure reverse proxy for OBIEE applications. In my case I am using OHS as proxy server and i have OHS webgate on top of it. 

2. Create required OBIEE Groups in LDAP.

3. Login to Weblogic admin console and navigate to Security realm > my realm > providers.
    Create two new providers (LDAP provider and OAM Asserter) as per the below screen shot 

4. Reorder the providers as per the below screen shot. and Restart weblogic Admin server and Managed servers.

5. Login to the http://<hostname>:<port>/em. 
6. Navigate to Weblogic domain> bifoundation_domain> Security> Security provider configuration.
7. Scroll down to Single sign on provider and click on Configure.
8. Configure as per below screen shot.

9. Login to http://<hostname>:<port>/analytics.
10. Navigate to Administration> Manage BI Publisher> Security Configuration.
11. In Authentication section do the changes as per the below screen shot.

12. Login to http://<hostname>:<port>/em
13. Click on coreapplication under Business Inteligence.
14. Perform the changes as per the below screen shot. and click on Apply and click on Activate changes.

15. Login to workspace http://<hostname>:<port>/workspace.
16. Go to Navigate> Administer> Workspace Settings> Server Settings.
17. Modify Log off URL and select Yes in Enable Single Sign on as per the below screen shot.

18. Restart Weblogic Admin server and Managed Servers.
19. Now try to access the application with proxy URL. User will get OAM login page for Authentication.

Hope this is helpful. 

Kiran Pokuri

How to Installation and Configuration OBIEE

OBIEE Installation and Configuration.

OBIEE-RCU Installation:

OBIEE-Installation and Configuration:

Configure Components URL's
                WebLogic Console
                Oracle Enterprise Manager
                Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
                Business Intelligence Publisher
                Real-Time Decisions
                Calculation Manager
                Financial Reports
                Essbase Suite

 Hope this is help full...

Kiran Pokuri