Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2 Design Console Configuration Error


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum const cla ss com.bea.jarbuilder.internal.JarProfiles$ProfileAttribute.exclude


  • Go to <Middleware_Home>/wlserver_10.3/common/bin
  • Execute "commEnv.cmd" command to set the environment.
  • Navigate to <Middleware_Home>/wlserver_10.3/server/lib
  • Execute "java -jar wljarbuilder.jar"

Now wlfullclient.jar is created in WL_SERVER__HOME/server/lib

Copy the wlfullclient.jar file to the <Oracle_IDM2>\designconsole\ext\ directory on the machine where Design Console is configured


Kiran Pokuri

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oracle API GateWay Installation

Oracle API Gateway Installation and Configuration


This document will cover the installation part of the Oracle API Gateway 11gR2.
Use the below hyperlink to download the Oracle API Gateway Download 


  • FYI, I am installing in Linux red-hat 5 Bit-64.
  • Extract the zipped file to the appropriate location.
  • Run the executable file ""
  • Follow the instructions as per the below screen shots. 

URL: https://<hostname>:8090/
username: admin
Password: changeme

Below are the few screen shots of API gateway home page and Policy store consoles.

Cheers !!!
Kiran Pokuri

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition(ODSEE) 11g R1 Installation

Goal: To install  and configure ODSEE R1) with single directory server instance.

Download link:

Step 1: UnZip sun-dsee7 file under ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution of downloaded folder.

Step 2: Execute below command to create DSCC Registry

Note: In this post i have downloaded installable under C:\Installables folder

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccsetup.exe ads-create

Choose password for Directory Service Manager:<<Enter Password>>
Confirm password for Directory Service Manager:<<Enter New Password>>
Creating DSCC registry...
DSCC Registry has been created successfully

Step 3(Optional): This step is to create WAR file by which ODSEE instances can be managed from a web console.

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccsetup.exe war-file-create

Created C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\var\dscc7.war

Step 4: Check DSCC registry status

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccsetup.exe status

DSCC Registry has been created
Path of DSCC registry is C:/Installables/ofm_odsee_win_11/ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution/sun-dsee7/dsee7/var/dcc/ads
Port of DSCC registry is 3998

Step 5: Create DSCC agent

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccagent.exe create

DSCC agent will use the following port: 3997
Enter DSCC agent password:<<Enter password>>
Confirm the password:<<Enter New Password>>
Agent instance C:/Installables/ofm_odsee_win_11/ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution/sun-dsee7/dsee7/var/dcc/agent has been created successfully
Run the following command to register the agent in the registry : C:/Installables/ofm_odsee_win_11/ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution/sun-dsee7/dsee7/bin/dsccreg.exe add-agent C:/Installables/ofm_odsee_win_11/ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution/sun-dsee7/dsee7/var/dcc/agent

Step 6: Command to register agent in DSCC registry

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccreg.exe add-agent C:/Installables/ofm_odsee_win_11/ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution/sun-dsee7/dsee7/var/dcc/agent

Agent path: C:/Installables/ofm_odsee_win_11/ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution/sun-dsee7/dsee7/var/dcc/agent
Enter DSCC agent "C:/Installables/ofm_odsee_win_11/ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution/sun-dsee7/dsee7/var/dcc/agent" password:
Enter DSCC administrator's password:
Agent instance has been registered in DSCC on SPSOLUTIONS
You can now run dsccagent start to start the agent

Step 7: Start DSCC Agent

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccagent.exe start

The agent C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\var\dcc\agent has been started

Step 8: To Get DSCC Agent information

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccagent.exe info

Instance Path :   C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\var\dcc\agent
JMX port              :   3997
SNMP port             :   Disabled
State                 :   Running
PID                   :   2564
DSCC hostname         :
DSCC non-secure port  :   3998
DSCC secure port      :   3999
Instance version      :   A-A00

Step 9: Step to create Directory Server Instance

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsadm.exe create -p 10389 -P 10636 C:\ODSEE

Choose the Directory Manager password:
Confirm the Directory Manager password:
Use command 'dsadm.exe start 'C:\ODSEE'' to start the instance

Step 10: Step to start Directory Server instance

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsadm.exe start C:\ODSEE

Directory Server instance 'C:/ODSEE' started: pid=2264

Step 11: Create suffix for directory server instance

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsconf.exe create-suffix -p 10389 -e dc=demo,dc=com

Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password:

Step 12: Add DS instance to DSCC registry

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccreg.exe add-server C:\ODSEE

Enter DSCC administrator's password:
C:\ODSEE is an instance of DS
Agent No  Hostname              Port  Owner          iPath
--------  --------------------  ----  -------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
0  3997  Administrator  C:/Installables/ofm_odsee_win_11/ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution/sun-dsee7/dsee7/var/dcc/agent
The registration will use DSCC agent on port: 3997
Enter password of "cn=Directory Manager" for C:\ODSEE:
This operation will restart C:\ODSEE.
Do you want to continue ? (y/n) y
Connecting to C:/ODSEE (using ldap://
Enabling DSCC access to C:/ODSEE
Restarting C:/ODSEE
Registering C:/ODSEE in DSCC on localhost.

Step 13: Check list of DS instances in DSCC registry

C:\Installables\ofm_odsee_win_11\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccreg.exe list-servers

Enter DSCC administrator's password:
Hostname              Port   sPort  Type  Owner  Flags  iPath     Description
--------------------  -----  -----  ----  -----  -----  --------  -----------  10389  10636  DS           -      C:/ODSEE
1 server instance(s) found in DSCC on localhost.

Now Direct 

-- Siva Pokuri.