Wednesday, March 2, 2016

TIP: Enable HTTP debug in Weblogic server


1. Stop all the weblogic admin servers & managed servers
2. Add below list to JAVA_OPTIONS in file in the weblogic domain.
3. If you want to enable HTTP debug for any specific admin or managed server follow below steps.
a. Login to Weblogic Admin console
b. Click on “Servers” link
c. Click on the Admin server/ managed server and click on debug
d. Expand weblogic
e. Expand servlet
f. Select “DebugHTTP”
g. Select “DebugHTTPSessions”
h. Select “DebugHTTPLogging”
i. Navigate to weblogic>>core>>cluster
j. Select “DebugReplication”
k. Click on “Enable” button
l. Click on “Activate Changes”
4. Navigate to Environment >>Servers in the left panel
5. Click on the server name
6. Click on Logging tab
7. Expand Advanced tab
8. Change the severity level from “Trace” to “Debug”
9. Click on “Save” button
10. Click on “Activate Changes”
11. Start Weblogic admin & managed servers in the cluster
12. Check the server log files

-- Siva Pokuri.

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