Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to upgrade OAM 11G R2 PS2 to PS3

Oracle Access Manager 11GR2PS2 Upgrade to PS3

1. Start the executable and follow the steps below for binary installation.  

2. Navigate to <MW_HOME>/oracle_common/bin/ and execute ./psa.
3. Upgrade the Patch set as the below screen shots.

4. Navigate to <MW_HOME>/oracle_common/common/bin/
5. Execute ./wlst.sh  and follow the screen shots below.

6. Restart both OAM managed server and WLS Admin server.
7. Access the OAM admin console "http://<wls_host>:<wls_port>/oamconsole" 

I hope this is helpful.

Thanks !!!
Kiran Pokuri

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to integrate OAM with Oracle Mobile Authenticator(OMA)

Integrate OAM 11g R2 PS2 and Oracle Mobile Authenticator


-- Oracle Access Manager 11g R2 PS2 installed and configured
-- Oracle HTTP Server(OHS) installed
-- OAM WebGate for OHS 11g installed and configured

Click Here to watch testing DEMO video!!!


-- Enable Mobile and Social Service in OAM Admin Console(If not already enabled)

-- Configure OAuth for OMA(Oracle Mobile Authenticator)

-- Edit "TOTPModule" Authentication Module settings in OAM Admin Console

-- Configure "TOTPPlugin" parameters in "Plug-ins" as shown in the below screen shots

-- Create New OTP Authentication Scheme. In this screen shot below i used existing "LDAPScheme"  and duplicated to create new OTP Authentication Scheme.

-- Update Application domain 

Oracle Mobile Authenticator Configuration with Oracle Access Manager

-- Download and Install "Oracle Mobile Authenticator" App from "Google Play" or "Apple Store"
-- Create a HTML page with below content and drop it in any web server(which you should be able to access from your mobile device where you install)


        <title>Oracle Mobile Authenticator</titile>
        <a href="oraclemobileauthenticator://settings?LoginURL::=http://<<HOSTNAME>>:14100/ms_oauth/resources/userprofile/secretkey">Click Here</a>

-- Access HTML page from mobile device browser. It will navigate to "Oracle Mobile Authenticator" and prompt to update. Click on "Accept".

-- Click "OK".

-- Now click on "Sign In" 

-- Enter valid OAM credentials and click on "Submit".

-- If everything is good and credentials are valid One-time Password will be configured as shown in the screen shot below.

Note: Multiple user accounts can be configured in same Oracle Mobile Authenticator.

Sample Screen Shot:


-- Access OAM protected resource

-- Enter valid credentials and click "Login"

-- Get One-Time Password from Oracle Mobile Authenticator associated to the login ID "sivapokuri"

-- Enter One-Time Password got from Oracle Mobile Authenticator and click "Login"

-- Displayed welcome page.

Hope this will be useful!!

-- Siva Pokuri.