Friday, May 6, 2016

Fix: Oracle Virtual Directory(OVD) not showing ismemberof attribute from Oracle Unified Directory(OUD)


- Oracle Virtual Directory 11g(
- Oracle Unified Directory 11g R2 PS2
- OUD adapter configured in OVD


Oracle Virtual Directory not showing groups membership of user in user profile


- Open and login to OVD ODSM console
- Click on Adapters tab
- Select OUD adapter you already created
- Click on Plug-ins tab
- Click on "Create Plug-in" icon
- Click on "Select" button next to class field
- Select "VirtualMemberOfPlugin" from the list of plugin classes
- Assign some name to the plugin. Say "GroupAttributePlugin"
- Add all the accepted parameters for the plugin as mentioned below.
        1) searchBase - DN of the OUD groups (Example: ou=groups,dc=pokuri,dc=com)
        2) adapterName - OUD adapter name defined in OVD
        3) explicitrequestonly - accepts "true" or "false" (I did not see any difference with either value)
- Click on "Apply" to save the changes

Now, connect to OVD and search user with attribute "isMemberOf" using ldapsearch command.

Search Command:

./ldapsearch -h -p 6501 -D "cn=orcladmin" -w Abcd1234 -b "DC=pokuri,DC=com" "(uid=spokuri)" ismemberof uid


dn: cn=spokuri,ou=oud,dc=pokuri,dc=com
uid: spokuri
ismemberof: cn=Admins,ou=oud,dc=pokuri,dc=com

Hope this helps some one out there.

-- Siva Pokuri

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