Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oracle Enterprise Manager(OEM) 12c Windows 2008 Server Agent Installation

Note: This post assumes that OEM Grid Control 12c Installed and configured.

Now, Lets see how to install OEM agent to a target machine to monitor the services.
  • Access https://<<OEM GC Host Name>>:7800/em/console/emcli/download
  • Download the emcli SDK kit
  • Create folder C:\EMClisetup
  • Extract SDK downloaded using
  • java -jar emclikit.jar client -install_dir=<emcli client dir>

Setup Emcli

  • Navigate to EMClisetup folder (where emcli SDK kit is downloaded) and execute below command.
      • emcli setup -url="https://<<OEM GC Host Name>>:7800/em" -username="sysman" -trustall

  • Now execute "emcli sync" command

  • Check supported platform agent using command below
      • emcli get_supported_platforms

  • Download the Agent using below command
      • dmcli get_agentimage -destination="C:\AgentInstallables" -version="" -platform="Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)"

  • Copy the downloaded agent to the remote server where you have to install agent
  • Now, Open agent.rsp file and update the below details.
      • OMS_HOST=<<OEM GC Host Name>>
      • EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4899
      • AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=<<Agent Password>>
      • AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=<<Agent Installation Directory>>Ex: C:/EMAgent/agent_inst
      • AGENT_PORT=3872
      • b_startAgent=true
      • ORACLE_HOSTNAME=<<Agent Installation server host name>> 
      • s_agentHomeName=EMAgent

  • Now install the agent

  • Check agent status
      • emctl.bat status agent

In the next post, I will discuss about how to monitor services.

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