Tuesday, December 19, 2017

JPS-10702: The datasource jdbc/OPSSDBDS is not found.

JPS-10702: The datasource jdbc/OPSSDBDS is not found.

Issue: Failed to initialize the applcation jdbc/OPSSDBDS due to error weblogic.application.ModuleException

Note: 1 Generally you can face following below issue when your OIM&OAM schemas passwords got expired.

Note: 2 There will be a case like when OIM&OAM schemas got expired and passwords are changed to default or custom or random passwords. When you try starting Weblogic(Adminserver)or Managed Server you will face error like ORA-01017: invalid/password; login denied.

Note: 3 In some cases you can be able to access OIM or OAM schemas using sqldeveloper or using any clients but still you can face error ORA-01017: invalid/password; login denied while starting  Weblogic(Adminserver)or Managed Server

To Resolve Issue
  1.  Contact your DBA to reset schema password got expiredOnce password reset is done using sqldeveloper or using any sql client
  2. Try to access all OIM&OAM realted schemas you should be able to connect successfully.
  3. Login to WebLogic Server Administration console (default port 7001) http://hostname:port/console
  4. Select Data Sources under JDBC in Services section you can able to see list of data sources
  5. Click on particular data sources---->connection pools---> Password--->New Password--->save it
  6. Click on example Data sources for which you need to change password and in testing tab you can test your data source
  7. Now you should be able to start Admin and Managed servers successfully.

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